Oregano Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare

Oil Origin: Flowering plant

Extraction: Stam distillation

Aroma: Camphoraceous, spicy

Odor Strength: Very high

Evaporation: Middle Note

Origin: Albania



Uses for Oregano Essential Oil

  1. Combat the flu. Because of its antibacterial properties, diffuse some oregano essential oil around your household and enjoy the health benefits and cleansed air.

  2. Relieve sore muscles after a workout. Dilute a few drops of oregano oil with your favorite body lotion and massage into sore spots.

  3. Treat acne by dipping a Q-tip into the oil and applying directly to blemishes. You can apply twice a day - morning and night - after cleansing your skin for best results.

  4. Add oregano oil to your laundry to kill bacteria and provide a fresh smell to your clothes.

  5. If you’re experiencing respiratory problems, treat them with oregano essential oil. The oil can act as an expectorant and soothe a sore or irritated throat.

  6. Oregano oil can be used as a powerful antioxidant. According to Organic Facts, oregano essential oil neutralizes free radicals and repairs damage done to the body. It can also work as an effective anti-aging treatment. Consuming oregano oil internally can help you look and feel your best. Dilute the oil and add to a smoothie or other drink.

  7. Find relief from allergy symptoms through oregano essential oil. The oregano oil - combing its anti-inflammatory properties with its sedative effects - can relieve the hypersensitivity of an allergic reaction.

  8. Soothe an upset stomach and other digestive issues by adding a few drops of oregano oil to your food. This aids in food absorbtion, according to Organic Facts’ website.

  9. You can also consume oregano oil for its antiviral properties. Keep your immune system in tip-top shape and prevent the common cold, measles, and pox.

  10. Treat nail or foot fungus by adding a few teaspoons of oregano essential oil to water and soaking your feet.

  11. Use oregano to clean your home, the natural way. Combine four drops of the oil with 10 drops of lemon oil and a quarter-cup of white vinegar. Add this mixture to a bucket of water to clean and wipe your surfaces, 


How to Use: Test small patch of skin to make sure irritation does not occur. Can be added to a carrier oil like jojoba, sweet almond, or olive oil. You can inhale or use essential oil in a warmer or diffuser.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Essential Oil.

0.5 fl. oz.

WARNING: For external use only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. No animal testing.

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