Hair Re-Grow Serum

Natures Bath & Body

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This is an AMAZING All-Natural Growth Serum. Also assists with premature greying and split ends!

An ancient recipe formulated in Ayurvedic tradition to increase hair growth and the health of the scalp. We blend three of the most effective herbal hair oils into one --- Amla, Bhrami, and Bhringraj --- in addition to infusing the natural essential oils of turmeric, peppermint, and chili seed. This powerful combination increases blood flow to the scalp, greatly assisting in the growth of hair follicles in addition to cleansing the scalp and allowing for hair growth with ease. This oil also assists with premature greying and split ends. No synthetics, no mineral oils, no fillers - only pure herbal oils and steam distilled natural essential oils. Top Quality.

All-Natural Hair Re-Grow Serum To Stimulate Hair Growth & Heal Damaged Hair

Most hair care and other personal care products contain a practically endless list of ingredients, and among them are typically a host of harmful toxins and chemicals. Not only that, but they can also be extremely pricey.

While many turn to silicone to create the illusion of smooth, healthy hair, that brings other problems. Silicone actually coats the hair shaft, seals out moisture, and clogs follicles. The hair can even become “addicted” to silicone, dependent on its synthetic coating, and will stop producing its own natural emollients.

Of course, lustrous, long and healthy hair doesn’t come easy. Between environmental influences, our diet, all of that shampooing and intense heat our hair suffers through, it’s no wonder that for most people, a beautiful head of hair seems out of reach.

So, what can a girl do if she doesn’t want to subject her body to potentially dangerous substances to get the long, healthy locks she wants?

Use Natures Bath & Body's All-Natural Hair Re-Grow Serum, that's what!  It’s amazing what a few natural, beneficial oils can do! Not only will you save a ton of hard earned cash, you will find that our hair repair and growth serum is a lot more effective than those store-bought brands. It’s a simple, frugal, and an outstanding way to cut exposure to toxins.

How To Use: Before bed, apply 15-20 drops of oil to scalp and massage in with fingertips. Can also be applied directly to ends for use in sealing split ends.

1 fluid oz. / Net Wt.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Amla Fruit (Phyllanthus emblica), Brahmi leaf (Centella asiatica), Bacopa Herb (bacopa monniera), Bhringaraj Leaf (Eclipta alba), Sesame Oil (Sesamum indicum), Turmeric essential oil (Curcuma longa), Peppermint essential oil (Mentha Piperita). Chili seed essential oil (Capsicum annum)


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