Gentlemen's Pre-Shave Oils

Natures Bath & Body

$ 8.00 

Prep your face for the shave with our Pre-Shave Oils from our Natures Bath & Body mens line, David Lee Naturals.

Our Pre-Shave Oil is great for preparing your skin for that close shave.  Just a few drops softens hair and creates smooth skin for an easy glide of your razor. Great for guys that are prone to razor bumps, ingrown hairs and heavy beards. 

Benefits of Pre Shave Oil

Pre Shave Oil? Many have never heard of this type of product before, nor realize the benefits of pre shave oil has on the shaving experience. Both men and women who are into wet shaving and have discovered pre shave oil swear by it. Here’s a brief primer on what pre shave oil is along with its benefits.

Pre shave oil is often a blend of vegetable and/or plant oils designed to be applied to the skin prior to shaving. Just a few drops are used and spread across the area to be shaved. It is not rubbed in, but rather spread across the skin and left to absorb slightly, with the remaining oil lingering on the top of the skin. Shaving soap or cream is applied on top of the oil and shaving commences. The oil is removed during the shaving process, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Some of the benefits of pre shave oil include:

  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Prepares the skin for a smooth, close shave
  • Provides a layer of protection for the skin to protect it from the razor blade
  • Softens hair, making it easier for the razor to cut through
  • Provides a smooth foundation for the razor to glide across, reducing the ‘pull’ from the razor
  • Reduces irritation
  • Reduces ingrown hairs
  • Reduces razor burn
  • Reduces nicks and cuts

Pre shave oil can be used whether you use a disposable/cartridge razor, safety razor or straight edge razor. It helps skin of all ages and provides a positive, improved shaving experience. Our customers swear by our All-Natural Pre-Shave Oils as the most important and required step in his shaving routine to reduce the nicks and cuts on his face due to age-related shaky hands. It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive product to add into your shaving routine and is well worth it, with all of the benefits that it provides.

Application should go as follows:
  1. First wet face and beard with warm water. 
  2. Then rub in oil until completely absorbed.
  3. Last let shower or hot towel continue to steam and hydrate skin until it is supple and pliable.
  4. Lather up and shave as usual.



ALL-NATURAL SIGNATURE BLEND: This is our most popular, and most complex blend. This will be your new favorite. We use a unique blend of essential oils including Litsea Cubeba, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, and Lavender. 

ALL-NATURAL MANLY MINT: A sexy blend of Peppermint, Tea Tree, & Sweet Orange Essential Oils.

ALL-NATURAL UNSCENTED: This blend has no added fragrance.

ALL-NATURAL PATCHOULI:  Sweet-spicy, herbaceous, peppery, somewhat resembling clove and cinnamon, slightly woody,powerful and exotic, warm.

SANDALWOOD: Classic oriental woody note fragrance oil that has milky, soft, sturdy, rich, with a green top note and a satisfying lingering scent.

ALL-NATURAL WILD SPICE: Has top notes of warm cinnamon leaf and slight undertones of tea tree, orange, and peppermint essential oils.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Olive Oil, & Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil.

Net wt. 2 fl. oz.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Not tested on animals.