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"Our Story"

Barb originally hand made soaps


 Our founder, Barb Gerber started making soap back in the 70's. She has been handcrafting bath and body products as well as other goodies for years. With hard work and great determination she decided to open a shop in Historic Downtown Holly Michigan. The shop is located kitty-corner from the Holly Hotel in Battle Alley. The Holly Shop offers a wide range of "All-Natural Products," from soaps, essential oils, bath bombs and much more.  

 Lyn and Jenn 

Jennifer (daughter n' law) and Lyn (Jennifer's sister) joined the team. These two sisters, with their creative touches and personalities have been able to expand the business product line further. All products for Nature's Bath & Body are handcrafted in their shop and that is where the magic begins. They work hard to provide their customers with the products that they love. 

"We are all about family here, since we have our own families, we want to provide the best products for you and your loved ones." ~ Jennifer & Lyn #soapinsisters🧼

Lyn says...

"I personally have had skin issues my entire life as well as my children. As a mom, you do not want to be worrying about what your kids are putting on their skin. It wasn't until we started making and using all natural products that I noticed a difference. Something as simple as using all natural soap had yielded and improvement in the irritation that we all had experienced.

One of my favorite products I enjoy as well as the whole family is our All-Natural Bath Bombs!  Not only are they fun but they are relaxing!" 

Jennifer says...

"Now that I am getting older I really have noticed the signs of aging.  A lot of products on the market have so many chemicals with names I can't even pronounce. I wanted more natural products for my skin.

One product we created to help with anti-aging was our All-Natural Under Eye Cream. This is one of my favorite products, and I use it daily. It keeps my dark circles and puffiness at bay, making me looked more refreshed. Who doesn't want that?"


Meet the girls that inspired our "Little Girls" collection!


Chloe and Bell

Chloe~Belle Kisses

Chloe~Belle Kisses was inspired by Jennifer’s daughter Chloe. Chloe personally chose the scent blue raspberry for Chloe~Belle Kisses. She said it would be a scent every little girl would love. Shop for Chloe~Belle Kisses Body Shimmer here.


Lyssa's Sweet & Sassy

Lyssa's Sweet & Sassy was inspired by cousin Alyssa. Sometimes she is a little sweet and sometimes a little sassy. This is where the name came into play for her collection of cotton candy products like her favorite bath fizzies.


Natti~Cakes was inspired by cousin Natalie. Natalie is sweet and colorful just like a cupcake with sprinkles. This is where the idea for her line came into play. Shop for Natti~Cakes favorite products like her body spritzes here.


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