Peppermint + Tea Tree Foot Sugar Scrub

Natures Bath & Body

$ 9.00 

*Some of our products melt when shipped to warmer climates. This is due to the nature of certain ingredients. If you live in warm or hot climates please be advised that this product may melt during shipping. We recommend ordering during cooler months.


What is a foot scrub? A foot scrub can be added to a massage to exfoliate and soften your feet. This will leave your skin healthy and radiant. A foot scrub is applied to the feet to help remove and exfoliate the dry, rough areas of your feet.

Our all-natural foot scrub is a great and effective tool to getting rid of dead skin cells on your feet + heels. This scrub will leave your skin feeling moisturized and soft. Use the scrub in the shower or in a foot bath!  You will feel the cooling effect of the peppermint + tea tree essential oils and how much softer your skin is! 

5 Benefits of Natures Bath & Body Foot Scrub

  1. Relieve tired and achy feet.
  2. Help to remove dry skin.
  3. Sooth discomfort and pain.
  4. Improving flexibility and range of motion.
  5. Relaxing the entire body.


There are few things more delightful than a little personal pampering. Next time you are looking for a chance to regenerate, take a few moments to give your feet some tender loving care.

People have been pedicuring their feet and legs for more than 4,000 years. The word pedicure itself comes from two Latin roots: pedis for foot and cura meaning care. Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, and Chinese royalty are known to have paid close attention to the health and beauty of the feet by practicing foot massage and exfoliation.

Our foot scrub can be used to rejuvenate the feet, enhance their look and feel, and even relieve pressure and pain. It helps to relieve tired, achy feet and helps to remove dead skin while also nourishing the skin with natural ingredients. The most important part of our exfoliating foot scrub is the exfoliating ingredient...SUGAR!

Sugar foot scrubs are particularly scrumptious. While salt scrubs are commonly used in the beauty industry, sugar scrubs tend to be less sharp and generally easier on the skin. Where salt scrubs have a tendency to extract moisture from the skin, sugar foot scrubs nourish and relieve parched skin.

For the ultimate relaxation experience, combine the our foot scrub with a massage! 

How To Use

Soak your feet for a short period of time in the bathtub or a basin of water. This will soften the skin and prepare it for exfoliation. Use your hand to scoop out some foot scrub and put it on your feet.

Rub the foot scrub all over your feet using a scrub brush (order here or work it in with your hands. Scrub in circular motions for about fifteen to thirty seconds on each foot.  Be sure to use enough scrub on each foot so that you are able to work the scrub in without spreading the foot scrub too thin (which will lose the effectiveness of the scrub). Place your feet back in the water to rinse off the scrub. Allow your feet to soak for a bit, then use your hands to help rinse the scrub from your feet. Lift your feet out of the water and dry them off with a towel. Finish your pedicure or apply foot butter (order here if you want to seal in the moisture. You should expect that your skin will feel slightly on the oily side until you dry off, at which time the skin will take on more of a smooth feeling.

After using our scrub on your feet, they are sure to feel smooth and supple. Best of all, you can feel good about your smooth skin knowing the scrub you used is inexpensive and all natural.

Net wt. 3.5 oz.

Ingredients: Sugar, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil + Essential Oil.

For external use only. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. It is paraben-free, gluten free and dye free. No animal testing has been done.