Neem Oil is an amazing oil that can be used daily and has many benefits including:
* Acne/Psoriasis/Eczema Treatment
* Insect Repellent
* Wart/Cold Sore Treatment
* Relieves Inflammation
* Treats Wrinkles/Fine Lines
* Fights Fungal Infections
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23 Amazing Benefits Of Neem Oil:

Neem seed oil provides effective treatment option for damaged skin and hair. The anti-bacterial formula of this natural product makes it an amazing smoother for the skin as well as for the hair. Explore the 23 unmatched beauty benefits offered by neem oil that will leave you pleasantly surprised!

A. Benefits Of Neem Oil For Skin:

Neem oil is loaded with nutrients and is used in a variety of lotions, creams soaps and of course cosmetics. It is extremely beneficial for eczema prone skin and will benefit people who suffer from psoriasis and acne. Its astringent properties help to cure minor cuts and wounds. Probably, this is the reason ointments carry neem oil as it primary component.  Neem oil helps to relieve dry and itchy skin.

1. Protects Skin And Fights Aging:

Neem contains high level of antioxidants which protect the skin from environmental damage.

1.  It also contains carotenoids which provide high antioxidants that defend the skin against age promoting free radicals.
2. Neem oil is high in essential fatty acids and Vitamins. It gets easily absorbed by the skin and rejuvenates it and improves its elasticity.
3. With regular usage, neem also smoothens wrinkles and fine lines, thus fights the signs of ageing.

2. Fights Acne:

Neem oil is ideal for acne prone skin because it clears up pimples and removes bacteria that cause break outs.

1. Neem oil contains aspirin like compound which removes the acne causing bacteria from the skin.
2. It also helps to reduce redness and inflammation.
3. The high fatty acid content in neem oil prevents and treats scar that occurs because of acne and is non comedogenic.
4. It can also be used as a face mask to remove the entire impurities ad tightens the pores.

3. Relieves Symptoms Of Ezcema:

The root of eczema mainly lies in the genes and runs in the family. Neem oil helps to relieve eczema symptoms but cannot cure the root cause of eczema.

1. Since neem is particularly high in Vitamin E and fatty acids, it quickly penetrates the outer layer of the skin restoring the protective barrier and prevents moisture loss.
2. Its ability to reduce inflammation and heal abrasion soothes eczema irritation.
3. The nimbidin and nimbin compounds and the neem oil help to relieve redness and swelling. It also helps to heal dry and damaged skin.
4. Its antiseptic properties keep infections at bay.

4. Fights Fungal Infections:

Fungal infections of the skin like ring worms, nail fungus and atheletes foot are quite common.

1. Neem being one of the most powerful anti-fungal agents available in nature makes for a good replacement for the over the counter creams that are available at the pharmacists.
2. The two compounds from the leaves of the neem responsible for this are the gedunin and nimbidol. These compounds destroy the fungi that causes this infection.
3. Tests have proven that neem oil is effective on 14 different cultures of fungi.

5. Removes Dryness:

Neem seed oil is an effective skin conditioner.
1. It moisturizes the skin so deeply that it can repair prolonged skin dryness as well. It is for this reason that neem seed oil is also used in medicated dryness repair products.
2. Its herbal moisturizing formula gives you a well toned skin that is free of cracks and freckles.

6. Removes Pigmentation:

Neem seed oil is an ultimate pigmentation killer.

1. It imparts fairness to the skin with a splash of freshness when used regularly.
2. It slows down the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the skin coloring agent, which when secreted in higher amounts, leads to pigmentation.
3. Neem oil hampers the excessive formation of melanin. Therefore, it makes the skin fairer by reducing pigmentation.

B. Benefits Of Neem Oil For Hair:

7. Healthy Hair:

Weekly application of neem oil can result in healthier scalp and healthy hair.

1. Massage the oil well into the scalp and leave it overnight or apply it prior to washing.
2.When using neem oil, dilute it with some other carrier oils like almond oil or coconut oil as neem is a very strong oil and has a strong smell which people with sensitive noses might find difficult to tolerate.
3. Apart from the odour, the concentrated nature of neem oil may cause reactions to people with sensitive skin.

8. Dandruff Treatment:

Neem Oil is a natural treatment for dandruff and dry scalp. Many dandruff shampoos utilise neem oil and regular usage can prevent dandruff from forming.

1. It improves scalp health and maintains the scalp’s PH level. As a result, dandruff gets cured.
2. Neem shampoo is the most convenient way to prevent other scalp ailments like itchy scalp and psoriasis.
3. Regular application of the oil can also help to resolve thinning issue as the oil promotes hair growth and strengthens hair from the roots.

9. Treat Frizzy Hair:

Neem oil can also be used to condition rough and frizzy hair.

  1. Add a few drops of oil to the shampoo and then apply the shampoo on your hair and leave it for a while.
  2. The hair will retain a nice shine once the hair gets dried.
  3. It makes an ultimate hair moisturizing product making hair smooth and hydrated.

10. Treat Head Lice:

Neem oil is a safe way to remove head lice. Other chemical products to remove lice can lead to several undesired effects on the scalp.

1. Leave the neem oil overnight and then comb with a nit comb to remove lice.
2. Neem oil does not have any adverse effects and there is no allergic reaction too.

11. Promotes Hair Growth:

Neem hair oil is also known for its ability to increase hair growth.

1. It can be used to counter the effects of hair thinning due various reasons including stress, medication, pollution and more.
2. It promotes hair growth and improves the quality of your hair at the same time.

12. Removes Splits:

Split ends result in stunted hair growth. They also make hair bushy and unmanageable.

1. Neem seed oil offers deep moisturisation.
2. It repairs damaged hair cuticles and hence makes hair manageable.

Other General Benefits of Neem Oil:

13. Anti-septic Properties:

Dental care products like toothpaste, mouth wash, and rinse contains neem oil as it has antiseptic properties which keep teeth and gum healthy and infection free.

14. Making Medicines:

It is used in preparing medicines that treat diabetes, arthritis, blood disorder and digestive problems.

15. Making Cosmetics:

Skin care companies often include neem oil in their cosmetics as an essential oil. It is extremely popular in all products of aromatherapy that help to restore mental health.

16. Making Pesticides, Fungicides And Germicides:

This is a multipurpose oil and is also used in the production of pesticides, fungicide and germicide which makes it a valuable component for agricultural purposes. Its active ingredients inhibit the growth of insects by interrupting their life cycle.

17. Making Pet Care Products:

Neem oil is also used in various pet care products. Neem pet care products are helpful to deter ticks and fleas as well as controlling mange, hot spots, scabies and other skin diseases in animals. Neem oil is powerful enough to kill ticks and lice in pets and also prevent the re-occurrence to a certain extent when added to their shampoo. We can also spray this in the area where your pets usually spend time to prevent them from contracting them again.

18. Making Bug Repellent:

Neem oil is an excellent repellent for a wide variety of common garden bugs including caterpillars, nematodes, locust’s beetles and mites. At home, neem oil can combat ant, cockroach and termite infestation.

19. Prevents Mosquito Breeding:

Neem oil can also be used a deterrent for grounds of mosquito breeding. Emulsify the water in the area with neem oil and the odour will discourage mosquitoes from breeding in that area.

20. Preserves Plants:

Mix neem oil and dish washing liquid in equal proportions well and transfer to a spray bottle. This solution can be used to preserve your plants by spraying the leaves, barks and roots also.

21. Mosquito Repellent:

Add 10% of neem oil to your lamp oil and allow it to burn. The odour which of neem oil from this will ward off the mosquitoes.

22. Cleaning:

Cleaning the carpets and mattress thoroughly is one of the biggest troubles. You can get the grime off, but then removing the bacteria is the hardest isn’t it? Just add neem oil to your carpet shampoo and spray your mattress with neem oil to remove all the mites, bacteria or fungi that might have made their breeding ground there.

23. Treat Minor Wounds:

Neem oil can also be used to treat minor cuts and wounds. Mix neem oil and vaseline in the proportion of 1:5 and then allow it to be.

These amazing hair, skin and other general benefits of neem oil surely makes this formula a winner. You must try it, at least once!

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