Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  Trying to figure out the perfect gift for my mom is always a challenge.  My mom is a lot older so she practically has everything.  I always like to get her something she can enjoy and will use.  I just don't want her gift to end up in a closet somewhere.  I just wanted to share a few gift ideas with you that may make it a little easier.

1.  Planter or Hanging Basket with Flowers

    This one never fails.  Who doesn't like to get a pretty flower basket/planter with beautiful colors.  Baskets and Planters can be found at your local garden/home center.  There is a variety to choose from and one that will fit anyone's budget.  These are great because mom can enjoy flowers throughout the spring and summer on her deck or porch.  

2. Coffee Lover's

  My mother-n-law loves coffee.  So a great gift to give is a coffee gift basket.  You can use a basket or decorative box from home, or one can pick one up at the local dollar store.  I like to put tissue paper in the bottom of the basket.  It just adds a more polished look.  Now what to add:  A couple of coffee bags, K-cups (if they have a Keurig), cute coffee mug, flavoring, a small coffee grinder with a bag of whole coffee beans.  I picked up an inexpensive coffee grinder from the store and got two bags of whole coffee beans for my mother-n-laws basket.  She absolutely loved it!  She said there was nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee.  

3. Tea Lover's

 Now my mom is a tea drinker.  She usually use the tea bags from the store.  My sister and I decided to make her a tea gift basket.  I just got a basket from the dollar store and added tissue paper.  We added her favorite tea bags, but we also took it up a notch.  We added a cute tea diffuser that came from the internet.  Next, my sister added a couple of pouches of loose leaf tea.  Loose leaf tea can be found online or in a specialty shop, and she also added a cute tea cup she found in a local shop.  My mom was excited because she had never used a tea diffuser and loose leaf tea.  She was super impressed!

4.  Photo Book

  A photo book is a more sentimental gift for mom.  These are nice because you can create these books how ever you want.  Websites like Snapfish and Shutterfly make it super easy to design a book that mom would love.  You can use what ever photos you would like too.  Photos of your kids with grandma, ones of you and mom, add some photos of siblings, etc...  The options are endless.  

I just wanted to share a few ideas to make gift giving a little easier this Mother's Day!  Please share any of your ideas and suggestions below for great Mother's Day gifts and ideas.  

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