Gift Giving Etiquette

Gift Giving Etiquette

As the holidays creep up on us quickly our stress levels can start to rise.  Our minds start to think of all these questions when It concerns gifts.  What's the perfect gift? How much should I spend? Do I get a gift for the hostess? Our homemade gifts okay or cash? Who would not be stressed after thinking about all of these possible questions.  I love the holidays. The holidays definitely stress me out having to think about buying gifts for everybody and their brother.  I hope I can help by answering a few of these questions that seems to be on every ones mind.

Review Your Gift List:  First things first, this should be done every year.  Find out where your relationship stands with each person.  Has it been over a year since you have seen them? Do you give them birthday gifts?  If the answer is "No" then I would not worry about getting that particular person a gift. 

Appropriate Spending:  Resist the urge of match spending.  If someone is buying an extravagant gift, they should be doing so because they want too.  If they are not, then it tends to lose meaning and thoughtfulness.  Plus, individuals that usually buy extravagant gifts are able to do so financially.  So, it is better to give a gift with sentiment not a heavy price tag.

Hostess Gifts:  Should one give a hostess gift even if the invite says not too? Yes :)  You should always bring a gift to the hostess even if they say not too.  A hostess gift doesn't have to be expensive or big.  It can be some home baked goods, fun cocktail napkins, a small candle, etc.  The hostess will not refuse the kind gesture.

Cash & Homemade Gifts:  Instead of giving cash, I would recommend giving a gift card.  A gift card is a more tactful way to give a monetary gift.  Homemade gifts can be one of the best gifts you can give someone.  It really shows the thoughtfulness and the time you put into thinking of that person.  

Presentation:  You always want to make sure that your gift is wrapped nicely, in a gift bag with tissue paper, or has a ribbon wrapped around it.  Make sure to include a gift tag or card.  Also, when necessary add a gift receipt to the gift. A nicely wrapped gift shows the person that you took the time to make it special.

Appreciation:  Make sure to always show appreciation to someone that has given you a gift.  Whether you like the gift or not.  Even if you do not have a gift in return.  Receive the gift graciously and thank them.  Remember that person took the time to think of you and present you with something special.  

 The bottom line is, what we give as gifts and how we receive them says a lot about us.  Keep in mind most people give gifts to show their appreciation.  Most of the time they are just looking for a simple thank you and nothing in return. Enjoy your Holiday Season!








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