Fenton's "LNO"

Fenton's "LNO"

Join us November 17th from 4-9pm for Fenton's Annual Ladies Night Out!  The businesses throughout Fenton & the Downtown area go above and beyond to make sure this evening is fun and exciting for all of us ladies.

Lots of giveaways, samples and some of the biggest sales of the year. You don't want to miss it. Make sure you get a punch card from one of the participating merchants. Once you have at least 10 merchants punch your card, you will be entered into a drawing for your chance to win an amazing gift basket or gift certificate to our participating businesses. This event is brought to you by the City of Fenton with over 25 participating merchants.

Don't forget to come visit us at our new Fenton Location!  We are located directly across the street from Uncle Ray's Dairyland on N. Leroy St.  We will be having $1 Bath Fizzies (while supplies last) and spend $25 get $5 off your purchase.  Don't sweat it if you cannot make it  to our shop that evening.  You can go online and still get that discount.  Use code: FENTONLNO or go to link https://www.naturesbathbody.com/discount/FENTONLNO to get your discount on Friday.  Happy Shopping :)

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