DIY: Bath Milk Recipe

DIY: Bath Milk Recipe

Who does not like to just soak in a nice bath to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the day.  I surely do! I even like to enjoy a nice glass of wine.  Depending on my mood I will use a bath bomb, bubble bar, bath salts, etc.  Then there are times I don't use anything at all and that's okay.

Have you ever heard of taking a milk bath. If not you definitely need to try it.  Milk baths will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. You can always purchase one or make your own.  Making your own is super easy and fun :)

You will just need a few things in order to make your milk bath. Supplies needed will be a container to store your milk bath in, powdered milk, epsom salt, essential or fragrance oil, flower petals & food coloring (optional).

Now lets get to making some "Milk Bath!" Here is an easy recipe below with instructions.

Easy Bath Milk Recipe

  • 1 1/2 cups powdered milk (you can also use non-dairy milk powder as well)
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salts
  • Essential or Fragrance oil of your choice
  • 1/2 cup flower petals (optional)
  • Food coloring  (optional)

Mix the powdered milk and epsom salts together in a bowl, now add 2-3 drops of food coloring (if desired), mixing well so that the color is uniform. You can skip this step if you like, but having a bit of color does bring something to your bath. A few drops of blue coloring will create a soft blue color that’s ideal for peppermint, light purple for lavender, and so forth.

After you’ve mixed the milk and salt together, add 5-8 drops of essential or fragrance oil. Mix well so that the scent is evenly distributed.

If you are creating a milk bath with flowers, then mix in about 1/2 a cup of flower petals. Rose petals, lavender buds, and chamomile are just a few examples. 

How to use:  Add desired amount to your bath. Soak for 15-20 min 

Now go have some relaxing me time and enjoy your bath!

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