Moisturize without feeling greasy!

Moisturize without feeling greasy!


Our Apricot Kernel Oil is 100% pure. It is a moisturizing oil for all skin types.

Apricot kernel oil possesses many therapeutic properties which make it suitable for its various uses.

    • Emollient - Apricot seed oil is a brilliant emollient ( moisturizer ).
    • Anti - Inflammatory - It reduces inflammation when applied topically or when ingested.
    • Anti-Aging - It provides nutrition and support to the skin so that aging is reduced.
    • Anti - Bacterial - This effect is made use of to treat clothes and other products to keep bacteria away. 
    • Anti Septic - reduces risk of infection in open wounds and cuts.
    • Antioxidant - prevents the skin from damage by free radicals.


Apricot kernel seed oil is light and gently moisturizes skin. Choose apricot kernel oil to moisturize balanced skin, oily skin and hormone reactive skin. The light texture of apricot kernel oil makes it useful in face serums, or mixtures of oils used to moisturize the face. Apricot kernel oil is especially useful for oily complexions. Apricot kernel oil is light enough that it does not leave a greasy coat on your skin after use. Though apricot kernel oil is most useful for oily complexions, it is gentle enough to use on any skin type. Apricot kernel oil will also help re-hydrate dry skin.


Organic apricot kernel oil is rich in gamma linoleic acid, or GLA, which comes from essential fatty acid omega-6. The GLA content in apricot kernel oil helps skin to maintain moisture balance. GLA also plays a role in firming and toning your skin, according to Close. Additionally, organic apricot kernel oil contains vitamin A and E, which soothe the skin and slow signs of aging. The nourishing properties of apricot kernel seed oil have an anti-inflammatory effect and may soothe minor skin conditions such as eczema. Consult your doctor about your skin conditions before using apricot kernel oil.


Apricot kernel seed oil provides lubrication for the skin. As a light and gentle lubricant, which is appropriate for sensitive skin types, apricot kernel oil is frequently used in massage. Apricot kernel oil is suited for use on the delicate, sensitive skin of your lips.

Ingredients:  100% Apricot Kernel Oil.

Warning:  If pregnant or suffering from illness consult your doctor before use.  This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. It is paraben, gluten and dye free.

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