This all-natural salve encourages Cell Growth!

This all-natural salve encourages Cell Growth!


Our Comfrey & Plantain Salve: Great for Diaper Rash, First-Aid, Eczema, Burns, and Psoriasis

…it’s powerful in so many ways!

Known for centuries and in ancient times as a wonderful healer.

Together comfrey and plantain work to reduce a variety of skin irritations and encouraging cell growth…

…our salve made from these two plants is a perfect remedy for hard to treat diaper rash (you know the kind that nothing else will heal), eczema, burns, and psoriasis.

Comfrey + Plantain Salve is a great tool for fighting against a lot of different ailments! Use it to soothe sprains, inflammation, sore ligaments, swelling, bruises, minor burns, scar tissue and dry skin.


Comfrey and plantain are two herbs that have been used for thousands of years for a variety of ailments.

Comfrey in Latin means “knitting together”.  Comfrey is the ideal healer for wounds, sores, bruises, sore joints and broken bones.  
As an external remedy, Comfrey contains allantion, which is a known anti-inflammatory, making this herb useful in speeding healing and encourages new skin and cell growth.  As a rub for sore joints and muscles, this anti-inflammatory property will aid in relieving the inflammation that causes the soreness.


Plantain is a well known herb that is commonly used to reduce the pain and inflammation of insect bites.  

It is also widely used to aid in reducing the itching of poison ivy rashes. Plantain is also known as an excellent healer of diaper rash.

Natures Bath & Body has created a salve using both of these wonderful, healing herbs, which will give you an all purpose remedy to keep on hand for these coming summer months.  While we are not medical experts, we think you will find that you and your family will grab your jar of Comfrey Plantain Salve for most anything, and will enjoy the benefits of natural healing!

To Use

Apply directly to skin. Use to treat minor skin irritations such as bug bites, sore joints and muscles, rashes, small scrapes and cuts, etc...

Ingredients: Olive Oil infused with Comfrey + Plantain Leaf Herbs + Beeswax.

Net wt. 2 oz.

For external use only. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. 

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