All-Natural Herbal Lavender Eye Pillow

All-Natural Herbal Lavender Eye Pillow


Natures Bath & Body All-Natural Herbal Lavender Eye Pillow

1. Eye pillows are not only designed to soothe and relax tired eyes but the aromatic effect of essential oils and herbs that are infused in the flax seeds help calm and rest the mind.
2. Flax seeds sewed in delicate muslin cloth of eye shaped frame ensures perfect amount of acupressure needed by the eye to revitalize and freshen the vision.
3. Essential oils and herbs that are used in our variants of eye pillows work for a particular therapeutic purpose. For e.g. Eucalyptus eye pillow is excellent for people suffering from headaches caused by cold and provides relief from sinus whereas Lavender eye pillow reduces anxiety and insomnia.
4. Common properties of eye pillows: Relieves irritated, itchy and burning eyes caused by over exposure to television, sitting in front of computer screens. Sedates the nerves, relaxes the mind and balances the body.
5. A slight refrigerated eye pillow cools the eyes further. Place the eye pillow in refrigerator prior to use in the sealed zip pouch.

Lavender eye pillows are a little piece of heaven and are luxurious to use and receive as a gift. Our Herbal Lavender Eye Pillows will help you sleep better and reduce tension headaches. They are also great for taking a restful break during the day. You can even place them in your pillow case at night and be relaxed by the soothing fragrance even if the pillow isn’t over your eyes.

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